About Us

Omenala Blog is the foremost online portal which discusses in depth the Igbo culture, and traditions and also Nigerian cultures and tourism at large.

It primary aim is to re-awaken the cultural and moral values of the Nigerian society. Omenala Blog intends to show case the rich Igbo culture and Nigerian cultures and tourism to the larger world. So that they will hear the story from the real people who make up the society.

As you are aware that the Nigerian silent majority is the protagonists of our noble ancient cultures and traditions, who wished to see have a platform where the good cultures and traditions, who wishes to see have a platform where the good cultures and traditions are promoted and the obnoxious ones reformed or rejected out rightly. But unfortunately for them, they are being shouted down by the heavy media misinformation and intentional cross-selling of alien cultures and traditions to the Nigerian society.

The blog also explores the rich tourism heritage of Nigeria. It is the right spot for inspirational upliftment and entrepreneurial guidelines for it teeming readers all over the world.