Your greatness lies within

The creator of the universe has given us all the power to choose between good or evil, obscurity or fame.  To live or to die, these powers he gave to us through creation. That is the reason he said whatever we bind on earth, will also be bind in heaven and vice versa. He has given us dominion over all things including to master ourselves and make the best out from our lives. The onus now lies on us to dig the goldmine within us, no matter how hard  it might sound, get the crude gold within us , refine them and make the best of these priceless jewels.

These priceless jewels which God has given us are the inherent talents and gifts which he has bestowed on us from creation. There are so many of them too numerous to mention. For Some he has given the talents to write, sing, act, heal, counsel and others he has given the gifts to preach and other various crafts and vocations which time cannot permit me to list out.  ‘’A man’s gift maketh room for him and bringeth him before great men’’ (proverbs 18:16)

‘’wealth does not come from your job; it comes from your personal gifting’’ Myles Monroe.

William Shakespeare also quoted ‘’the meaning of life is to find your gift; the purpose of life is to give it away’’

‘’your talent is God’s gift to you. What you make with it is your gift back to God’’ Leo Bascaglia.

Every man is gifted for something.  Education will never make you wealthy; education will only give you a platform to express your gift.

Every individual on earth has one talent or another; but the problem is how to discover them and nurture them to serve the purpose of which it was meant to achieve.

That is why I recommend my book’’ RULE YOUR WORLD’’ to you.



When you finally discover your talents and purposes of existence, that’s when you start living and stop existing just like 2face Nigerian musician sang. It is this talent that has made the likes of Jamaican Usain Bolt   a household name in world athletics, Michael Jackson despite his death is still living in the hearts of men, Christiano Ronaldo a football legend. Education is meant to give all of us a platform to harness our talents not as final point to our successes.

For instance someone who has the gift of writing and was not literate, he will definitely find it difficult to arrange his words. But with education he can be able to overcome such hurdles. For you to achieve greatness in this life and be availed the opportunity to meet kings and queens in your life time. You have to look within you, find out those talents which God has given you, nurture them and acquire more knowledge to make it a brand which can actually accord you the fame and fortune which you always wanted.

And at the same time become a happier person. Because when you are doing what you so much love to do, you don’t consider them as work.


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