How do you see adversity?

A little girl was complaining to her father, how life has been very unfair to her. How she was unable to cope with difficulties coming her way both with her academics and peer pressure. Her father took her to the kitchen. There he lighted three gas burner and on them he placed 3 pots.  One was filled with potatoes, the second pot was filled coffee berries and the last one was filled with fragile (life) eggs.

After some minutes, he opened the three pots and asked his little daughter what she observed. The little girl who was fascinated  told her father: the once hard potatoes have become softer after passing through the fire, the fragile eggs have become stronger after passing through the fire, while the coffee  berries has changed the colour of the water and brings out a nice flavor for drinking.

These are definitely what we faced each day as Nigerians and also as global citizens. There is so much adversity which we face each day, although they are very tough and looked insurmountable but they can definitely be subdued if we ignore  the noise the ‘nay’ voice in us and chose to  listen to the sound of victory. In this challenging times of economic recession in Nigeria. People are really suffering no thanks to the mismanagement of our collectively resources by our past leaders.

But this period has also opened its own doors of opportunities in so many peoples’ lifestyle and perception. People who used to spend recklessly before without caution have learnt to do with only the things the need and also find other sources of income to back up their present income. The government is now looking inwards to promote agriculture, local manufacturing and intensified the campaign on the project ‘’Buy Naija Grow Naija’’. The citizens are not left out as many people have actually discovered their untapped talents and skills in this recession period to launch themselves into line light.

Those who taught that they would die because they were dis-engaged by their employers are now thankful that they have acquired some skills to help them sustain themselves and even planning to become employers of labour.

That’s the extent adversity can go to shape a people or an individual. Rather than for them to focus on the negative impacts of their predicaments, they should rather to focus on the opportunities they would derive from such a challenging time of their lives.

Always see the brighter side of every obstacles and adversities. They can only make you stronger and better.


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