Ukwu ka eji achọ ihe dara na mmiri

(It is the leg that traces an object that falls inside water)

In the olden days when an object fall inside water it is the leg that is best used to find it location inside the water before it can be brought out. This is mostly in shallow waters.  Because to find a lost object inside water; you don’t need force to get it; lest you deep it more and more but with your toes and skills, as you slowly move your legs inside the water your legs will felt the movement of the object when it get to the object, you will feel it and immediately pick it up.

That was the technique our fore fathers used to find their lost objects in shallow waters or running water.

This is proverb can   best be illustrated: in a situation whereby someone has a tedious and heavy job to do like crushing the rock or digging a deep pit. The person involved is expected to start the work slowly and skillfully from one corner so that his energy will not sap out easily. With this slow and skillfully tactics he will be able to cover a sizeable part of the tedious job and subsequently finish it. When He finished it to the astonishment of people around him.  He will be applauded with this proverb   ‘ụkwụ ka eji achọ ihe dara na mmiri’ to remind him that it is skills and intelligent that gets job done not necessarily physical strength.

It can also be equated to carefully planning of a nation’s growth both on the short and long term basis and not the fire brigade approach. For any nation to grow and defend itself from unforeseen emergencies like recessions, natural disasters and other negative things that would likely hit it in the nearest future. It has to lay down a proper plan so that it can always pull through and not felt the impact of the negative calamity when it finally came to pass.


Moral lesson:  Whenever you are faced with difficulties, don’t just make a quick decision which you might later regret, craft out concise plan to tackle the problem and come out victorious. Instead of hasty decisions that might plunge you deeper into more mess than expected.

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