agbanwuo dike izụ, agbaa ya ugboro abua.

(A decision taken without the consent of men of powers; hold no water.)

In Igbo society Dike can be equated to a titled chief, Ọzọ, Nze, Igwe, a strong politician, a freedom fighter or renowned businessman. They are highly respected because of their brain, bravery and bawks. In every community in Igbo land they are unique and tested men of honour and are highly respected. Before one can attain to this position in the Igbo society, he must   have been a man of proven integrity, fearless, and outspoken in terms of equity and justice.

They are men of expertise and proven track records in their various vocations and field of Endeavour both at the community levels and international. Beside these qualities, they are mostly wealthy men.  Men of power and strong influence. In every gathering or important decision their community tend to have, their presence is a must and their opinion is sought and respected before the decision can be concluded. Failure to observe their presence and inputs in such a gathering, simply make the meeting void. Because without  their inputs and contributions both morally and financially; the decision will not hold water.

Even in this country Nigeria, there are some powerful cabals, also known as political kingmakers. They are the ones who dictates who take any political position, and appointments. They are in every political party and outside the political parties. They are the heavy financiers of elections, political parties and conventions. They use their money to influence the delegates and electorates to vote for their chosen candidates who will do their bid when they are finally elected.

They are men who owns the city just like a popular singer Oliver De Coque sanged ‘’ Ana enwe obodo enwe, onwere ndi nwe obodo enwe’’

Any meeting done in absentia of any of these cabals in their immediate society is bound to have no effect unless it was rescinded and their approval gotten.  Anything done behind them is just like a child’s play because it will not work unless they give their blessings. When you are faced with the frustrations of these blood sucking vampires that has rendered this country meaningless an  Igbo man will tell you  to take heart with this proverb ‘’agbanwo dike izu agbaya ugboro abuo’’

Moral lesson: Always consult the necessary opinion leaders before you take any decision that is not your personal decision.  so that they don’t reverse it and make you look stupid in front of people.



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