Onye tara mmadụ aru n’isi na ezeghi ụbụru isi ya, Ọtawa ya n’ike Ọgaghi eze nsi

(He who bite a victim’s head not minding his brain, when he retaliate and bite the anus of his attacker he will not consider the faeces)

The head is the most revered   sacred part of the body, because it houses the brain and other vital organs of the body like the eye, nose, mouth and ear. The brain on its own is like the computer house of the human body because it controls and directs man’s actions and inactions. No responsible person plays with his or her brain; rather try as much as he or she can to save the brain from harm or malfunction which might be due to human activity. Whoever does anything to wound someone’s head without considering the brain is regarded as a wicked person. When the victim want to retaliate, by biting his attacker’s anus he would not also consider the faeces inside the buttocks.

This proverb cannot also be viewed as a tit-for tat law which stipulates that you; use the same measure of cruelty meted to you back to your attacker. This proverb can be used in a scenario like this: A clan of brave men and war lords who always maintains peace at every occasion despite their military and economic might. Then all of a sudden a neighboring community invaded them in the wee hours of the night without any prior signs of dispute between them and the invading community, killing their kinsmen and raping their women.

When this brave but peaceful community that has been attacked went for a reprisal attack; they would not consider the new born babies and the vulnerable group in that wicked community. They would use their army of skilled warriors and potent medicine- men to decimate the estranged community who first brought catastrophe to them. No matter the pleas of the vulnerable group in the community to spare their lives and not to be meted with the sins of their fathers and elders.

It will fall on deaf ears. Because when their wicked elders and fathers drummed the beats for war and merciless destructions, they never considered that they have weak spots in their community.  The avengers will rather use this proverb ’’ Onye tara mmadu aru n’isi na ezeghi uburu ya, otawa ya n’ike ogaghi eze nsi.

Moral lesson: Don’t do what you wouldn’t want others done to you, because whatever goes around always comes around.  The law of kharma is real, that’s the law of retributive justice.

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