God over everything

Everyone created on this planet acknowledged the fact that there is a supernatural being who welds power over all creatures and upon whose divine guidance and directions we succeed in our earthly sojourn and destiny fulfillment. No matter the race and colour; we all acknowledge there is a God and as such try our best to worship and honour him in our various methods, doctrines and belives.

For us to make progress in   various areas of our lives. We should make the presence of God in our lives a lifestyle and not an occasional task that should be observed only when we ran into troubles.  Before we embark on any venture or project it is always advisable to seek God’s instructions and guidance to whatever we want to do so that he can take the wheels and drive us to the desired destinations we intend to arrive.  The bible said ‘’ right inside your mother’s womb he knew thee’’ (Jeremiah 1:5).

This is goes to show the extent at which God takes our interests at heart and the compassion he has to see us serve him on earth and become a success story in every   positive venture we intend to do achieve. When we seek God’s guidance, listen and obey his instructions, he will always prosper us in any venture we embarked upon be it business or progress in our chosen careers.  Life purposes and dreams become well defined to us because he would be there for us and cause his grace to shine upon our lives.   He said ‘’cut-off from me and you can do nothing’’ (John15:5).

Most of the problems we encounter as a people here on earth is because we solely rely on our earthly knowledge, calculations and forecast  which usually fail us and leave us dejected and depressed . It is written’’ trust in the lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding (proverbs 3:5)

The message is simple and clear. Seek him first, obey his commands and every other intentions will we have will be achieved by God’s grace.

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