Infrastructure Development: A panacea for south-East Industrialization.

The south East part of Nigeria is made up five states of Imo, Abia, Ebonyi, Anambra and Enugu states. It is the only region in Nigeria with the highest number of business men and industrialists. It is a well known fact, that the entire south-easterners hold about 60% of Nigeria’s business environment. They spread in every corners of this country and also in the Diaspora seeking for greener pastures, a comfortable lifestyle and at the same developing the areas which they have taken as their second homes.

Unfortunately about 60% of these south-easterners are outside the shores of the region making great exploits in foreign lands, neglecting their country homes not because they wished to do so but because the needed infrastructures to do business and become successful are lacking in the region.

Aba, Onitsha, and Awka  which happens to be the hubs of  small and medium industries in the region and Nigeria are fast becoming shadows of  their selves due to mass exodus of industrialists, manufacturers and high net worth business men and women out of these cities because of lack of infrastructures.

Infrastructures are simply the basic structures needed by a country or region in order to function properly. They include transport, communication channels, electricity, good road network, good water system, electricity and security. These basic infrastructures are nowhere to be found in the entire south-east region. To bring back home the much needed industrialization in the region and also to restore its lost glory as the business oriented region of Nigeria. There should be massive infrastructural developments both at the federal and states level.

The south eastern governors should take it as a challenge to replicate what the western governors of Ogun and Lagos states are doing in terms of massive road constructions, bridges, building of water dams, for both agricultural and domestic usage. The Igbos is known for thinking out of the box to succeed in any business venture they embarked upon. The south eastern governors should do the same by using the resources available to invest in capital expenditure which will in turn creates more jobs for the south east youths and also spill over to other parts of the region

Most of the indigenes of this region who have moved their businesses out from the region to other parts of Nigeria and in the Diaspora complained bitterly of lack of adequate power supply, poor road network and transport systems, Security and access to capital.  If the south east governors’ forum can resolve to build mega power turbines in all the states that make up the south east, it will bring a total turn around to the business environment in the region.

The governors should also use their capacities as state chief executives to lobby for the complete dredging of the Onitsha inland water way and its upgrade to ease the stresses of going to Lagos to receive consignments. This will automatically discourage other business men and women who are still nursing the idea of running out of the zone to stay back and build their empire at home. The south eastern governors should also make sure that they construct quality roads and bridges, provide portable water supply, and also provide soft loans to help budding entrepreneurs to actualize their dreams in their father’s land.

Aba the manufacturing hub of the eastern region has no good road network, no functioning rail system, no regular electricity coupled with unconducive business atmosphere. The inhabitants of the city are just struggling to survive added with multiple taxations. This is the reason why investors are leaving the city and other cities with the same disease. If the governor of Abia  state can be magnanimous enough to construct all the major roads in Aba, build a power station or concession power to investors, provide counterparts funds for the entrepreneurs in the city and streamline the tax levy being demanded from them. Then the city will definitely regain its lost glory as the Japan of Africa.

This particular advice to the Abia governor should also be applied to; by the rest of the governors in the region to bring massive development and industrialization. Our people cannot continue to develop other regions and left their region deserted just because there were no basic infrastructures. The south east legislators at the national assembly should remember that they are Igbos, before Nigerians and as such should use their good offices to bring infrastructural developments and also lobby for railways, roads, and inland water ways constructions and developments to the south east region.

When the region is massively developed in terms of infrastructure. It will in turn create more jobs for the youths, increase the G.D.P of the states in the region and insecurity and crime will drop to its lowest level.








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