Onye sin a-ya amara, mmadu gwara ya

                      (Whatever you know, someone taught you)

In this life no man is island of knowledge, in the Igbo society it is believed that knowledge is gotten through advice, interactions, and experiences that occurs in other people’s life. These are the various means by which one can acquire knowledge. Even those who believed to have gotten   some instructions in their dreams no matter how clearly it was to them always seeks confirmations either from sorcerers ,preacher men or dream interpreters.

This proverb is usually used on people who think that they knowledge they have, is solely out of their great skills to think or to assimilate faster than others. Thereby feeling superior over other people because they perceived they are better than them academically, financially and socially without knowing that all that they know and operate upon are based on other people’s experiences or some principles which have been operating since ages and they were opportune to utilize it.

When such braggarts come out to the public domain and tend to display their mundane altitude all in the name of wisdom. The Igbo people who around him   will sternly remind that ’’ onye si na-ya amara, mmadu gwara ya.

Moral lesson: Don’t ever brag with your wisdom and knowledge because it comes from God and also through other people’s experiences and events of life. But if you claim to know it all then calculate the number of years every individual on earth will stay before they die and describe the events that will surround their deaths.




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