Anụ kwọ nwa anaghi agbasi ọsọ ike

(A nursing animal does not run far)

All categories of animals have emotional feelings and attachment to their off springs. Be it man- a higher animal or other lower categories of animals. This emotional feelings and blood line is the reason why animals of all kinds (Man inclusive) care for their new born. They go all out to find food for them, provide them with shelter and protect them from dangers. These enormous responsibilities which animals owes to their offspring due come with sacrifices and inconveniences on the part of animals or man who is a higher animal.

This proverb ‘’ Anụ kwọ  nwa anaghi agbasi ọsọ ike’’ can best fit into this description: A vibrant young and healthy warlord and wrestler, who is reputed to be a strong man in all ramifications in his community. Who have been to the battle field several times and return home gallantly with numerous decapitated heads of enemy fighters and most times war slaves. Who is well dreaded in his home town and neighboring communities because of his exploits in wars and skills in wrestling. He has been reigning for so long without any hindrance and set back to his mission which is to kill the enemies at battle field and bring their decapitated heads home for merriment.

Finally he got married to a woman after his heart and she had bore three lovely children for him, who are his major source of happiness and existence. His happy families look up to him as their shield and provider. Then again war trumpet blowed for the heroes to defend their father land. And the community approached him  to lead the war as usual, after looking at the faces of his lovely children and the impending suffering he would put them if he eventually go to the war and died. Will kindly tell the elders of the community ‘’ Anụ kwọ nwa anaghi agbasi ọsọ ike’’.

To remind them that he has a commitments and responsibilities to protect and nurture his young family and as such would no longer risk his life without considering who would look after his children. Most people in the society has been waned down from taking some actions both for good or for evil because of the consequences that would befall their loved ones.

Moral Lesson: Whatever action or decisions you want to take, first consider its impacts or consequences on your loved ones. So that they won’t  suffer your sins.








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