Ajuwa nkwu kapiwa onu oge mgbupu ya eruole

(when  a palm nut eater   squeezes his mouth , then  it’s time to vomit the chaff)

Palm nuts are one of the juicy and sweets nuts you can eat. It is very nutritious and oily which gives the eater a yum yum taste. Some eat it fresh while others roast it. A palm nut eater will savor the taste and juice of the palm nuts for a while inside his mouth, making sure he had his feel of the sweetness and oils before he can decide to throw out the hard and rough kernel shell

This proverb is usually applied in a situation   or event where  a  lucrative contract or juicy position was awarded to an individual or an established body. While the projects is going on with all the glamour that is associated with it and the cash flow, the individual or group handling it will be enjoying it to the fullest . but when the project began to reduce both in volume and cash flow signaling it ending. Then this proverb will be used to remind the contractors that the end is about to come. ‘’ ajuwa nkwu kapiawa onu, oge mgbupu ya eruole.

Meaning the business will soon loss its glamour and profitability.

It also applies to young footballers  at the age of 22 who has seen it all in terms of achievement and trophies and later struggles to score a goal at age 33 it means he is aging and so his services are no longer in high demand. So is about  time he retires because he has lost touch of his success magic.

Moral:  Make judicious use of every opportunities that come your way and always save for the rainy because life is not always a bed of roses.

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