Nkwoka daruo ala, nwanyi ariaya elu

(when a tall palm  tree fall, women climb upon them)

In the Igbo society it is a taboo for a woman to climb a palm tree, one it is tall and risky and secondly it is an abnormal act in Igbo land. Palm trees  although slender in size is strong,  as such is always rare for the palm tree to fall down unless it was hit by a violent wind and heavy down pour.

The proverb is best explained in a situation: where by a powerful community or nation in modern times, Which were always dreaded because of its strong army or warriors. Who are reputed to conquer every war and instill fears to their opponents and neighbouring communities. Suddenly hit by a strange disease or calamity which claimed the lives of revered  warriors and potent medicine men , leaving the  community  desolate, porous and prone to all forms of  attacks by their enemies.

When their enemies suddenly realize the misfortune that happened to them,  They will now take that advantage to unleash mayhem on  the once inpenetratable  community and silence the remaining lives in the community to pay them back in their own coin.

When such events happens the aged elders of the victimized community will shake their heads in agony and said ‘’ Nkwoka daruo ala, nwanyi ariaya elu ‘’

Meaning when the palm tree fall  down, women climb on top of it. Signaling the end point of that era or event.

Moral Lessons: Nothing last forever and  no situation is permanent, whatever position we find ourselves we should use  it well and impact lives positively and not to intimidate people so that when we come down from power, people will not treat us with disdain.







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