The Menance of Religiouspreneurs in Mbaise Land.

Mbaise nation is one of the  most blessed and famous people in Igbo land, the mere mention of Mbaise arouse curiosity anywhere  in the world. In the eyes of the uninformed   school of thought , they might be termed controversial when it comes  to their high level of wisdom and marriage rites. What they Igbos are to Nigeria , is what the  Mbaise  nation is  to the  Igbo race. With a land  area  of 623km2   viable arable land  and level topography. Mbaise people are  known around the world for their unique wisdom, which they have always leveraged  on to make a name for themselves  in every sector of life.

Mbaise people  are never hidden in  any field of human  Endeavour  be it politics, entertainment, education, sports, religion, cultures and tradition ,business, law, medicine  etc.  They  always  have the  best these sectors can offer, From the entertainment sector you have the likes of Okey Bakassi, Kanayo  O Kanayo, Genevive Nnaji, Victor Osuagwu, Eucharia Anunobi, Rita Dominic, .

In education, Professor  viola Onwuliri, Professor Ahaneku Vice chancellor  Nnamdi Azikiwe University , politics Emeka Ihedioha former Deputy Speaker Federal House of Representative, Sen Chris Anyanwu , Business  Mr  Frank Nneji  founder ABC Transport ,  law Mike Ahamba SAN,  sports Dr  Patrick Ekeji  former Director General National Sport Council and a whole lot of prominent sons and daughters both in Nigeria and in the Diaspora.

Mbaise is  the strong hold of the roman catholic church which is one the most famous orders in the catholic hierarchy. It has over 500 ordained priests of the Roman Catholic Order in different vocations , same goes to the reverened sisters and other strata  of the religious assembly. They are called the Ireland of Africa because of how travelled their priests and religious spread across the world in the course of the spiritual work and service to humanity.

Unfortunately this retinue of religious population  which should have been a light and a source of salvation to the people  has turned  out to be the  object of caricature for Mbaise Nation in particular and  the larger society especially in the religious circle due to their  evil work ‘’ religiouspreneurship’’

‘’Religiouspreneurs are business minded individuals who uses the name of religion to enrich themselves, achieve their selfish interests and keep their victims -the congregations  disillusioned, yet still  pretend to be the pious and saints of modern times’’

The length and breadth of Mbaise land has over 81 autonomous communities and these autonomous communities has more than 1000 thousand religious houses (churches) both from  the orthodox and Pentecostal blocks, yet they have not made  positive impact in the spiritual growth, salvation and empowerment of the average Mbaise man either  as  congregationist  or in the circular society. This altitude exhibited by these religiouspreneurs makes it look like the religious houses are now  religious empire, instead of a place of worship which people are meant  to believe.

My focus is on the orthox religiouspreneurs , there has been a buzz for over  the three years now over the leadership tussle in the biggest orthox religious house located at Ahiara Mbaise land, over the rejection of an ordained bishop by the indigenous religiouspreneurs with a flimsy excuse of him not coming from Mbaise land. This has constantly attracted the attention of all well known media houses in Nigeria, which now portray the Mbaise people as segregationists no thanks to these ‘’ religiouspreneurs’’

The question is this? Is the church not supposed to belong to God, who never discriminate nor blesses  people according to their place of birth or back ground.

The holy book  made us to understand that our major aim here is to  serve the true Jehovah, spread his message of love and salvation and not to justle for earthly positions and empires. How come these religiouspreneurs forgot their core duties and delve into  mundane  acts like earthly political and religious positions that ends here on earth forgetting the eternal life that rest in heaven. How come  the only message these religiouspreneurs understands  is just materialism , hate speech and causing disaffection in a land where they are supposed to lead the pace for peace, progress and unconditional love.

Go to any of the religious houses where these religiouspreneurs are presiding, you keep hearing pay your leavies  for this or that, at times they  force the entire community to close their palm trees for a period of two months  in order to raise money for them. If you as member of their business empire(church)  does not  have money , your presence cannot be taken serious. They don’t care about evangelism , restitution, true salvation and poverty alleviation of the members whom they should take care of just as Christ did when he was on earth. Their major focus is who takes a particular position, where does he come from and which family and influence does he command.

The fight within  themselves is fast degenerating to street wars, where some even see others as not really first class ordained men of God. Nobody dares to talk, lest they attack him or her  with everything they have. It is very unfortunate to  see priests  who are supposed to teach the youths morals, path to  salvation, respect to the sacredness of constituted authority. Giving the youths  weapons  to block the gate of a religious house in order to prevent an ordained bishop to assume duties. They went as far as using casket to block the entrance of the  religious house because their preferred candidate was  not ordained.

I asked again? Does the church really belong to God or has it turn to religious empire of few men who pretend to be pious and saints of this century. These religiouspreneurs  most of them don’t  do circular jobs, yet you see them erecting powerful edifices in their fathers houses, having shopping malls here and there. They were meant to live a celibacy  life, yet you keep hearing  allegations  of fathering  children out of wedlock on their head. One leg in the religious house , the other in the circular cultures and traditions.

They keep forcing the people to donate monies which nobody accounts, every season must have  a project that requires money. But they don’t   bother about the minds of the members who are fade up with all their manipulations. They went as far as threatening their members  that whoever does not pays his leavies will be abandoned in times of death. The members  now focused on paying their earthly debts  to attracts crowds on their burial day thereby forgetting to work on their salvations, peace to one another, impactful live that posterity would have remembered them. If a member constantly give in to their financial manipulations,  they select that member to be a knight or make him a member of the parish council which is a rubber stamp leadership of the church controlled by the same religiouspreneurs.

In this hard times of economic recession and high rate of unemployment, if a lucky mother happens to have two of her children working with a mouth watering  pay cheque  in the city. That mother has automatically becomes an’’ Ezinne ‘’or ‘’Diamond mother’’ depending on the class of her children. Nobody bothers to check the woman’s character and  spiritual activeness in propagating the gospel and even her relationship with her fellow women in the community. Just because her children will come that day and drop some few thousands of naira. It got me perplexed on what happens to salvation and good spiritual relationship in Mbaise

These religiouspreneurs who are driving away an ordained bishop away from their land, forgot that they have 60% of their indigenous religious priest outside Mbaise land. Their illustrious son is even a vice chancellor in the same city where the rejected an ordained  bishop . Moreover,  these are all Igbo sons and daughters that’s  the path  that made me cried most. What do we tell the outside world of our personality as Igbo people. I don’t believe in religion because it is a  man- made manipulations to divert gullible followers attention of their real motive that’s  story for another day.

As a  strong advocate of progress and development of the Igbo heritage,  it pricks my heart when a brother disdain a fellow brother all in the name of alien religion.  And this has giving room for advanced hyperteck and digital religiouspreneurs to use the opportunity to present themselves as the 21st century Joshuas and messiahs of Mbaise people who has no choice other than to follow them since their religious power house is on fire. This digital version of religiouspreneurs has swag and knows best how to play on the people’s emotions  brandishing all kinds slogans, and mantras to keep their followers glued to their crafts.

They have all kinds of  materials to entertain and thrill their followers.  They have outsmarted the old block of religiouspreneurs who are more concerned about power,  and supremacy . They digital religiouspreneurs really understand the weak points of their members and they are giving it to them without any iota of space. They entire Mbaise town is now agog of spiritual frenzy no thanks to both the ancient and modern religiouspreneurs.

But to you all  religiouspreneurs  its time you turn from your evil ways and be on the path of repentance and true healing of Mbaise land both spiritually  and empowering the people.

The Dalai Lama of Tibet said’’ if you cannot  help people solve their problem, don’t add  to it. ‘’

As religious people ,  if you cannot  win souls and direct them to Christ, then  don’t make them sworn enemies of themselves and object of mockery before the larger world.







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