Agadi nwanyi anaghi akaru nka n’egwu ọ mara agba

(An old woman does not age at her dancing skills)

It is a well known fact that old age is a  beautiful thing which God uses to bless people, especially the kind and hardworking  folks  to allow them to witness and reap  the successes of their children, cuddle their grand children and tell them folk stories of event that had happened many years ago before the grandchildren’s arrival .  Old age also comes with wisdom, because it is filled with accumulations of daily life experiences gathered over time to old age.

But old age also comes with its multitude of deficiencies like weakness of the body structure which force elderly people to support their movement with staffs (Mkpọ or Mkpara) , sight problems and sometimes loss of memories. But is  a well known fact the skills which old people have in their youthful age never departs from them,  except on rare occasions when they have brain loss. An old woman who has been dancing Agbacha ekuru nwa dance, during her active and youthful days will still remember the dance steps in her old age, that’s why they dance to the admiration of their children and grand children who always showers them with love and warm affection.

This proverb may be used when someone displayed some good skills which you never believed they actually have. Like seeing medical doctor who used to cook very well during his younger age may be due to the fact he served as a maid then, and now he went to the kitchen to prepare a delicious meal for his family. When people asked him how come he was so good as medical doctor and also replicate the same feet in his cooking abilities he will reply them ‘’ Agadi nwanyi anaghi akaru nka n’egwu ọ mara agba.


Moral Lesson: As  a young and vibrant youth, do your best to learn some relevant skills now, perfect them and keep practicing them. May be in your old age or in the nearest future its can be a money spinner for you.

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