Ọ na –abu Ikụkụ bụgharisia igụ nkwụ Ọhapụ kwa ya

( When the wind is done with its violent swirling of the palm leaves, the leaves  will  definitely returns to its original position after the wind.)

This is proverb is usually used when an individual or a community are  facing some difficulties or trying times in one area of their lives or the other. The palm leaves is a very slender kind of leave that can stretch up to 3meters from its hold on the palm tree. It’s slenderness and position in the sky   make it prone to forces  of wind , they wind will swirl it so severely that one may  may think the palm leaves will break but that does not happen.

The palm leaves will still stay strong no matter the force of the wind till the wind subsides and it will finally return   back to  its normal status without any fracture or hurt. This scenario :is usually experienced by most nations  and individuals around the of  world. There is always a trying times in the life and processes of individuals and nations ,   just like when Singapore was faced with so much difficulties that they even begged Malaysia to accommodate them as a state and turn their president to a governor but Malaysia refused because they saw no economic prospects to accommodate Singapore as a state. But years later Singapore bounced back and become of the most admired nations in the world today. China faced similar situation in their history which ignited the fire of the Chinese industrial revolution, where Chinese were encouraged to patronize made in china. Today china is the leading industrial nation in the world.

The  case of colonel sanders who suffered rejection 1009 times before he finally succeed in what we all know today as Kentucky Fried Chicken(KFC) is another good example of becoming stronger after the hard times.

Nigeria is going through its face of hard times in the name of recession like wise its citizens but with courage and commitment Nigeria will bounce back on its feet again stronger to the envy of its rival nations. Like wise its individuals.

Moral lesson: Hard times are not forever, after the rain come shine.

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