Ùlo choro ichi echi bu nani nwanyi ka ana-amu n’ime ya

(A family that is meant for extinction, gives birth to only female children)

In  the Igbo cultural setting, male children  are usually more recognized and valued  compared to the female folks. That’s does not meant that females are not welcomed, but because it is a general  believe  that it is only the male child that will continues a   family’s  lineage and retain the family’s name and inheritance when the parents are gone to the great beyond.

Because of this singular believe and culture, every Igbo man always prays to his chi to favor him with male children. Even if it is just one so that his name  will not go into extinction. That’s why some male children bears the name ‘’Ahamefule’’ (May my name not forgotten). The women are not left out in this prayers because they believe if they don’t give their husbands male children, the men might go for a second wife.

This is proverb is usually used when a particular task that needed to be done was mismanaged by the leader and also his sub –ordinates.

For instance a leader whom the electorates expected to performed miracle just turned out to be incapacitated and his disciples who are supposed to fix the job also turns out to be mediocers that has nothing to offer. Giving loads of excuses of why could not succeed and blaming even their ancestors for their in ability to fix the problems when them and the nation.

When such scenario occurs, an Igbo man will use this proverb’’ ulo choro ichi echi bu nani nwanyi ka ana- amu n’ime ya

Moral lesson: Always   be careful with the kind of people will choose to run with in this race of life so that, they don’t lead us into doom.


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