The Igbo leaders are the worst enemy of the region.(part 1)

The  Igbo ethnic group in Nigeria is well known for parading the best brains in all fields  of endeavors   both at home and in Diaspora. Their names and exploits resonates in every sphere of human life be it medicine, law, technology, engineering, entertainment, religion, military and business which runs  naturally  in  every Igbo man’s blood.  These are   people known as the solution providers, they are the oasis in the desert. Always seeing opportunities where others see challenges and failures. A people who   brings development and civilization in any land  they step their foot.

One major unique feature about the about the Igbos which no other tribe has is their sense of brotherhood (umunna bu ike) ,they speak one language, practice one religion and has a homogenous  culture. Their homogeneity is unbreakable.

But this people with such high sense of pedigree and unmatch exploits  who should have been the pace setters in  Nigeria seems to suffer the most deprivations in the country. They lack good roads, portable water supply, erosions  threatening to sweep  away most of their lands, easy of doing business is very poor in the region, multiple taxations, poor leadership, cultural neglect , poor transportation network, high rate of unemployment, prostitution, kidnapping , internet fraud, drugging  peddling and other chilling evil misfortunes which have bewitch the region.

But Who are the masterminds of these calamities that has bedeviled the entire Igbo land (South East)?. The answer is simple, the Igbo leaders.

These are the people we entrusted our electoral mandate to represent us and work  for the upliftment of  the average  Igbo man and the development of the south-east region.  They turned their back on their own brothers (electorates) and ignored the clarion call for developments and poverty alleviation of the region. Rather they  resulted to causing disaffection and chaos in the region, because of their selfish political interests and egos.

The entire south east region is in desperate need for massive infrastructural development, comprehensive security network , policy program  to curb social vices, jobs to reduce high rate of unemployment and crimes, yet we have been part of this 18years  of uninterrupted democracy where trillions of naira has been shared to  the 36 states of the federation  to develop their regions. Those who have had the privileged to lead the south east states(Igbo land) as state chief executives,  rather than use the funds to develop the region and make life easier to their kinsmen, decided to divert it to God knows where, leaving the people in abject poverty and destitution.

The last ranking released by the National Bureau of statistics shows that :Lagos state alone generated #268,224,782,435, Rivers state followed with #82,101,298,408, Delta state #40,805,656,911, Ogun state,#34,596,446,519 and Edo state #19,117,468,369 respectively . These states set the pace for massive infrastructural and development of their respective states in Nigeria,through aggressive internally generated revenues program . None of the south east states fall to this first five despite enterprise and ingenuity as a people, because of leaders who do not have our interest at hearts.

In the year under review Imo state generated  #5,472,581,634.  Abia state 13,349,444,263.  Anambra #14,791,175,253(not  oil state) Enugu state #18,081,014,527(not oil state) unfortunately  Ebonyi state record was no where to be found. The whole the south east states cannot boast of more than 52bn in a year compared to Lagos state which generate 268bn in a year through  internally generated  revenue.

From 1999 till date the entire South East states have had about 16 governors in a span of eighteen years .But  there is no visible projects and people orientated programs to  show for the billions of naira they got monthly from Abuja.  Rather the region becomes poorer and deserted by its people.  Except the likes of Mr. Peter Obi   former governor of Anambra State  and  also the  present governor Chief willie Obiano of the same Anambra state , the rest are just ‘’ loquacious orators‘’ blowing  trumpet of achievements where there is none.

These leaders have refused to look inwards to find out the abundant natural resources in the region and develop them just like their contemporaries do, instead they are quick to go to Abuja every month end to receive the national cake that never go round in their various states. If not how do you explain the rational behind Imo state that generate  slight above 5bn compared to FAA of 71.6bn in a year.   The frustrating  part is that they  have applied the tactics ‘’keep the people poor ,keep them humble’’  so instead of the citizens to demand eagle eyed accountability , they result become praise singers of these clueless leaders.

Before someone  will say, why do I choose to say what I don’t know,  take  a trip to Imo  state check what you meet on ground whether it corresponds with the money they state has received since 1999. Almost all the cottage and medium scale industries owned by the government are dead. A gigantic oil mill in  the state is now resting in peace, no good road network, no reliable source of water supply, no functioning cluster industries to generate employment, yet are our leaders want us to believe that the marginalization  is from the centre while they are the ones that showed the centre their weakness and greed.

Move away from owerri  in Imo to Abia State  look around if what you meet on ground correspond to the money they have received since 1999. In those days we use to hear ‘’Golden guinea oyoyo mmanya’’  but now the beer factory is in comatose, no thanks to leadership neglect. Look around the city of umuahia tell me what you see suffering and smiling . The citizens that are managing to pick up the pieces of their life are being harassed daily by all manner  revenue collection agencies.

Just leave umuahia with it small wahala,  to Aba the only cheering news you will receive  is that Enugu-portharcourt expressway is well tarred   courtesy of the government at the centre. Stop at osisioma  junction. Now your suffering starts, no good roads  to even access the popular Ariaria international market the japan of the east. And  seat of clamour of the made in Aba product. Untarred  roads in all parts of the city. Go to Ariaria no support to these vibrant entrepreneurs who works day and night to restore the lost glories of’’ Enyimba city’. Yet when you tune in  the state radio stations  you something like ‘’Ekele kelerem onye ji anyi ndu 1 for clearing garbage and mounting a bill board of his face.

They clamour the # patronize  made in Aba, but  ask them what their wives and children wears, designers materials from abroad.

Go to Anambra, the state has made some remarkable progress in its infrastructure and human development. Athough  the average  Anambra  man behaves like an American, he thinks of what to do to his state and not what his state will do for him. That’s why you see them bringing their industries back home and helping the future Anambrarians  to grow both in business and in other areas.

Secondly  from the administration of Dr Chris  Ngige  the former governor of the state ,the state has been ruled by technocrats and business men who understand that  governance is like any other private minded business that has target and timeline to concludes project. That’s why  Dr Chris Ngige was able to made progress despite the distractions, Peter Obi followed suite and restructure the vision and programmes  of Anambra people to that of progress and all round development.  Governor Willie Obiano is now championing the cause with aggressiveness.

Down to  Enugu state , there is nothing much to show for the huge revenue gotten since 1999 till date, although some progress are being made now by the incumbent governor, but only time shall tell.

Ebonyi leaders too has not fared well  to its people , it’s still they old stories of other eastern states. Let’s pray that what they are saying about  this present government  doing well is true. Because on 28 of may I switched on a televison channel  only to see Ebonyi state executive council choir rather than to praise God they were busy prasing their pay master. Odiegwu. Since they death of  Sam Mbakwe the former governor of old Imo State , his name still reverberates till date because of the good works he did. They roads he did were still intact but check the roads done  by this  present leaders since 1999 with their Lebanese fraudulent contractors you  will discover that the  roads  has just washed away.

But it baffles me how Ndigbo known for their brilliance could elect such clueless leaders to chat our cause. Whenever they youth wants to react they divert their attentions to the centre. Yes we are  not being treated well at the centre but charity begins at home, had it been that our leaders developed the region with the allocation they got from the centre, then, the government at the centre would have show us some respect and listen to our pressing needs. The only thing the Igbo leaders do is to use the people as tissue paper which is only needed when the buttocks is dirty only to be thrown  into the dust bin after wiping  the buttocks clean .

Igbo youths be wise, ask your leaders questions before you act, don’t be cocooned to believe the lies they are projecting us. Even the tricycle,  that has become trade mark  of jobs jobs jobs , industry industry industry according to some of them.  Why can’t  they be humane enough to tell the Indians to come and build their  factory in the South east so that they tricycle can at least be cheap and more job opportunities  created. To you all who are priviledged to lead the south east in any capacity ,especially the state chief executives, wake up and face reality because the electorates are wiser now and at the same time running out of patience.





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