Ọkụko anaghi echefụ onye foro ya Ọdu n’udummiri

(The chicken does not forget its benefactor during the rainy season)

The raining season especially in the eastern part of Nigeria (Igbo land) is usually welcomed with mixed feelings. Some creatures are always glad it came, while others are not to cheerful because of the havoc or discomfort it might cause to their plans and businesses. These creatures include human beings and some animals.

The native chicken (  Ọkụko) does not really like to feed or perform any activities  in the rain.  Whenever it rains , the native hen  will take it’s chicks  to  a very safe place to cover them against cold . So because of  this the hen  is always grateful to whoever accommodated them and feed them during the rainy season when it is pretty difficult for them to move freely in search of foods due to constant rain.

To illustrate this proverb with a human angle: when someone rendered a selfless help to us, when we are really helpless and desperate,  and the help in turn changed our lives and destinies for good. It is expected of  us to show the person appreciation both in kind and with material gifts. The bottom line is that we should show appreciation to people who helped us when all hope seemed to have been lost. ‘’okuko anaghi echefu onye foro ya odu n’udummiri.

When you are still struggling as individual  to push your business , career, and vocation to the next level, there  will be so many ups and down  on the way and some  good spirited individuals who  take  it upon themselves to encourage  you

either through  their prayers, financial support, moral , and advisory support  to help you achieve  your goal and  remain on top of the ladder of success.  Always remember to show your appreciations to such good people.

Moral Lesson: Always remember to show gratitude to  those who helped  you in your trying times. So that they will be motivated to do more for you in the future.


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