ụsụ siri na ya maara ka o si jọọ njọ were abali fewe

(It’s the bat ugliness that makes it fly in the night. )

The bat is black by color and a very smallish , but its ugliness scares human beings a lot and makes them disdain the little creature. That’s why people associates it with black magic.  No decent Igbo man or woman can be seen petting the bat just like other birds like  the penguin or the eagle. In fact wherever a bat is mistakenly seen in the house of an Igbo man  he must make sure that the bat was killed because, because of the strong   believe that  it must have  come for witchcraft mission.

This discriminatory and hostile attitude of people especially in  Igbo land  scares the bat away, as it does not come out anyhow except in the night because even as  a  bird , it knows that it’s presence is not welcomed in that part of the world. This illustration can also be equated to the maltreatments melted to some  Nigerians outside their father land. The Nigerian name has been basterdized  to mean corruption, nepotism, cyber scam, prostitution, money laundry, lawlessness and so many other vices and those are  at the receiving end are its citizens both the good and the bad who struggles to make ends meet in this nations and regions outside Nigeria.

Having realized how hated and discriminated they are to the outside world. Some Nigerians have decided to drop the Nigerian identity and opt for the citizenship of other African nations so that they can at least have peace of mind when they go out of Nigeria.  The Igbos  among them will  use this proverb to justify  the rationale  behind them dumping their Nigerian identity to that of  other nations’’ ụsụ siri na ya maara ka o si jọọ njọ were abali fewe ‘’

Moral lesson: life is full of aggression and competition in all areas, know who your competitors are, know who your enemies and then marshal out strategy to avoid their sledge hammer on you.


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