Justice Ngwuta Kinsmen Calls For Speedy Trial

A group, Ezza Youths Council, (EYC) yesterday called on the Federal Government
to expedite action in the trial of Supreme Court Judge, Justice Sylvester Nwali Ngwuta over alleged corruption.
Ngwuta and seven other judges have been standing trial over alleged corruption
with six of them discharged while Ngwuta and one other judge are still facing the trail.
Addressing journalists in Abakaliki, National President of Ezza Youth Council, Hon. Benjis Otubo
who was flanked by some executive members of the group, described as injustice the continued trial of Ngwuta
and called on the federal government expedite action on the trial
to enable him return to work like other judges who have been discharged.

“Justice Ngwuta as a true son of Ezza Ezekuna rose from the chambers to the bench
and had in no time found culpable of corruption or any other ill behavior and wondered
why it would be at his peak of career.
It was an embarrassment to the highest order and infrignemnet of human right,
for a Supreme Court judge to be humiliated in the person of
Justice Sylvester Ngwuta.

“Recently, about six of the judges suffering the same fate with justice Ngwuta
were recalled by the National Judicial council of Nigeria
having been discharged and acquitted by the court’.
“It was on this ground that we passionately appeal to both
National Judicial Council and the federal government to expedite his trial
and recall Justice Ngwuta and clear him from the allegation of corruption
purportedly to smear his image and bring him and Ezza nation
if not entire Ebonyi state to disrepute.
We believe this is the right time to
rewrite the wrongs”, he said.


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