Ndigbo be your brothers keeper

The Igbos are a force to reckon with any where they are, there is this joke people always throw that any where you step your foot and find no Igbo man that the visitor should park and leave because that place is not habitable. There is also another joke ‘’ where four or five are gathered an Igbo man must be there’’. They other regions and ethnic enclaves of this country appreciate the doggedness and entrepreneurial spirit of an Igbo man. But they are also quick to recognize the weakness of the Igbos.

Love for money over any other thing, selfishness and disunity among the Igbos. Hey wait before you begin to attack me that’s what other regions of Nigeria alleged but you know very much that in every rumor there will always be some percentage of truth in them. An Igbo proverb says ‘’agbakọ aka nyuọ mamiri ọgba ọfufu. This simply means when we join hands together we achieve greater things far beyond the imaginations of nay sayers.

It’s high time the Ndi’igbo start speaking with one voice, act in one accord and project a common destiny with their inner conscience. As an Igbo man whenever you notice your brother or your kinsmen are pursuing a right cause which will not disrupt the well being of others around them ,lend your support so that our region can be developed. When you are in position to help your kinsmen help them because no man can predict the future ’’ onweghi onye ma echi.’’

This altitude of I don’t care I only mind my business is not fair and can never take us farther more than we think, don’t you think as an Igbo entrepreneur when you join hands together with your brothers , that your business will grow from just CHINEDU and SONS to CHINEDU GROUP or to CHIJIOKE plc which will give you and your brother partner more advantages and more money both for your selves and for more business opportunities and diversifications.

‘’ Chere ka ngwa unu ‘’do you know that as enterprising people we need to blend politics with business for the Igbo nation to develop faster and its enterprising people become more prosperous and self fulfilled.But that can only be achieved when we put our selfish interest outside and chat a common cause for all igbos both home and in diaspora. We as a people shouldn’t be carried away by our small and medium scale businesses which can sink before you say jack due to unfavourable policies and programs made by others .

As an Igbo man where ever you see your brother identify with him, lend him some help if you can and encouraged him. If you are an elder admonish the youth that crime does not pay rather let them use their talents to impacts there generation. It baffles me when you meet an Igbo man and get closer to him , you see him begin to blow grammar or use other languages that you don’t know but when he lands into trouble those people he attached himself to immediately reject him and ask for his kinsmen.

I am not say saying you should be tribalistic, but you have a culture of umunna (igwe bu ike , onyeaghala nwanne ya) and also ohanaeze ndigbo which means assembly of the Igbos. They igbos have a culture of doing things together that is why you see association of Igbos in every country in the world, even to the extent of having their village meetings in those countries.

For those in the Diaspora sending money to your people at home is not enough you are just giving them stipends, invest your resources in Igbo land and employ thousands of youth at home. Umemployment will reduce, kidnapping will reduce, telegnoble will reduce that’s abracadabra means of income, and the development will slip to every areas of their lives. Most of you Igbos that has Chinese partners whenever they come to Nigeria you take them to mgbago mgbago where you feel that you can make your money sharp sharp.

But have you taught of engaging the government of your states to bring big industries Igbo land set up fertilizer plants, Information and communications technology Hub, entertainment centers, agro allied industries or even cottage industry. If the affluent Igbos are thinking in this direction , I don’t think there will mass exodus of our youths going through the deserts all in a bid to find better life neither will you see most of them going to places in this country which they might consider hostile for them but because they have no choice you see them moving there to their own detriment.

Today I urge you to say

I pledge to Alaigbo my region

To support its good cause and advice its leaders when the derail

To use my capacity to bring development to Alaigbo

So help me God

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