Nkita jepụrụ ejepụ na –eri nsi tụrụ mmanụ

(A dog that ventured farther out of its domain, enjoys juice faeces (Human shit)
It is a well known fact that domestic dogs in the villages which were not trained eat faeces.

Especially that of little children.

During this era  almost every household has at least two or more dogs.

This makes the number of dogs to be so many thereby creating competition

among the dogs  who hustles for the faeces to eat.

It then becomes a case of survival of the fittest.
But they brave and adventurous dogs who entered inside the thick

bush far away from their immediate environment always enjoy fatty faeces

deposited by adult humans in the thick forest.
This proverb best describe a situation where by almost everyone,

want to settle with the status quo and remainat the

mediocre level scrabbling for so little by many.

While brave individuals who refused to settle with the status quo

dared their world and conquered their wildest dreams to the

admirationof millions who never gave them a chance.

People like Mark Zukerberg of facebook, and and Aliko Dangote of Nigeria.

These set of people did the unfamiliar thing by

creating an unknownpath when others were busy waiting for the government

of the day to fix life for them.

Finally their dreams becomes reality and automatically turns

them to leaders and forces to be reckoned with.
When this happen any Igbo man around will use this proverb

‘’ nkita jepuru eje na –eri nsi turu mmanu.’’

Moral Lesson: Always try to be at the top in everything you do,

because there is so much room at the top and less competition.

That’s why you can only have one CEO at time, one president at a time

and several workers and electorates all the time.

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