Bright chimezie , also known as Okoro junior was born on the Nigerian independence, that’s on October ist 1960. He is a musician who hails from Ekeoba, Umuahia in Abia state Nigeria.

After completing his secondary education in 1979, Bright chimezie relocated to Lagos. Their he played with a lot of bands and in clubs before he eventually joined the customs and Exercise Band and became the assistant band leader and the lead vocalist. He was with the band when his first Album, Respect Africa, which launched into fame was released in the year 1988. He resigned from the Band on august 17, 1985 and formed his own band, the zigima movement.

He relocated to the east and from there he was going to Lagos for power Shows.By 1990 he relocated back to lagos. He stayed there and started having children. Bright Chimezie style of music is called Zigma sound. It is a music genre which became popular in early 1980 it is a mix of traditional Nigerian music and Igbo high life that is fused with chanted vocals. Bright Chimezie used his Zigima sound in Nigeria with lyrics that focused on social issues of the country in a way that is funny.

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