BIOGRAPHY OF OBI ONITSHA (The Obi (king) of Onitsha Ado)

HRH Obi Nnaemeka Achebe
His Majesty lgwe Nnaemeka Alfred Achebe is the Obi of Onitsha.
Born in Onitsha on 14 May, 1941.
The first child of Akunne Anthony Chinwuba, and Chukwuebuka Winifred Ogbenyeanu Achebe.
He is a direct and unblemished descendant of Ezearoli, through the lineage of Chimedie, Oreze Obi, and Aguzani.
His mother hails from Umu Olisa in Odoje, whilst his wife Chinwe Ngozi (nee Ononye) is from Umu Osodi, Inosi Onira of Ogbeabu.
His paternal grandmother is from Umu Onuma of Obikporo whilst his maternal grandmother hails from the royal Ornozele Sineage of Umu Ezearoli.
 His Royal Highness has six children  four daughters and two sons :
 Ezennia Odiakosa, Chinedu, Eziamaka, lfunanya, Uchenna and Chinwe.
lgwe Achebe  is well grounded educationally and internationally exposed and recognised,
due to his exploits in the corporate and business world.
A graduate of the prestigious and famous standford University in California, USA.
 where he took a Bachelor’s degree in Chemistry.
And also  a Master’s degree in Business Administration in the equally famous Columbia University in New York City,
 also in the USA.
His  educational attainment was crowned when he was nominated in 1979 to the maiden set of
 the Senior Executive Course of the exclusive National institute for Policy and Strategic Studies in Kuru, Jos.
 which is aimed at developing high-level leadership in the public and private sectors in Nigeri.
lgwe Achebe had a long and fulfilled career with the Shell Petroleum Development Company of Nigeria.
 Over a period of 30 years, where he held positions in several strategic functions,
 including Human Resources, Operations, External Relations, General Management
and international Representation/Reputation Management.
He is a member of the lfenkili Age Grade Society, the Onitsha lrnprovernent Union branches in Lagos and the UK,
 and the Umu Ezearoli Welfare Association in Lagos,
He was initiated into the prestigious Agbalanze Onitsha in April, 1996.
 With the cognomen, Nnanyelugo, and thereafter acquired the status of Ugonabo, when his eldest son took the Ozo title.
 He was a member in good standing of the branches of Agbalanze Onitsha in Lagos and UK.
Though, there are further requirements for a candidate for the Obiship of Onitsha,
the monarchy is reserved for the male descendants of the ‘Founder of State’ – Eze Chima.
These descendants are known as Umuezechima or ‘Children of Eze Chima’.
 This classification encompasses many villages in Onitsha , and in modern times,
 it produces a hotly contested Obiship whenever there is a vacancy.
 Spiritual nature of the Obi is expressed in how his subjects address him.
The Obi of Onitsha  is  usually addressed as ‘Igwe’ or ‘Sky’.
His  other terms used are ‘Agbogidi'(All Powerful), ‘Enyi'(Elephant) and ‘Agu'(Leopard).
He is also greeted as ‘Nkpu'(Ant-hill), for just as ant-hill has many openings so the king has many eyes,
 being aware of whatever happens in the town.
The Obi of Onitsha is the embodiment of the spirit of the ancestral god.
 Traditionally, he confines himself to his house.
This confinement sets the stage for one of the most cherished events in Onitsha- The Ofala Festival.
 Historically, it is an   occasion that the Obi presents himself publicly to his subjects.
It is also the occasion for Obi’s subjects to pay or reaffirm their allegiance to the monarch.
Leaders of every clan, including Ndichie(Red Cap Chiefs), Agbalanze(Ozo title holders) and other participants,
are always  decorated in  traditional regalia and accompanied by special musical groups,
 converge at the Obi’s palace annually for this joyous event.
 This festival attracts monarchs and spectators from other parts of Nigeria.
long live igwe Agbogidi
may your reign be long.

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