Onweghi onye akpara ihe akpara anara, ohapu iku ilu

(any body maltreated like the garden egg leaf, will always react violently)

garden egg  popularly called anara in igbo language , is usually used by the igbo folks to prepare soups, Nkwobi, abacha, ugba salad and pepper soups. This is because of its medicinal value and it is always in high demand by the igbo folks. its high demand usually lead people to pluck both the leaves and the fruits even before their maturity. This bad habit usually lead to quick death of the garden egg plant (anara) more than other crops and also resulted it to being bitter.

This proverb is always used when someone is repeatedly being maltreaded without any justifications to the punishment being meted on him. So whenever the person react violently to show his displeasure on the  injustices he was being subjected , those who knew his travails will use this proverb ” onweghi onye akpara ,ihe akpara anara ohapu iku ilu”

Moral Lessons: Injustices brings about violence and disorder in any society.

Treat all men equal and there will be peace in the world.

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