Okuko ana abotala eju n’ohia ma onye nwe ya amaghi

(The chicken has been harvesting snails in the bush but the owner is not aware)

The native  chicken traditionally get it food through scattering and ransacking on all parts of the bushes in search of food. So on the cause of searching for food in the bush,the chicken most times encounter the snails(eju) which usually hide in a very cold parts of the bush to also search for its food. But because the chicken does not eat the snails which is a precious food to human beings  and cannot take it home, so the owner is not aware of  of the chicken’s exploits in the bushes.

What this means is that most people has been putting their efforts in so many ventures but because it has not come to fruition,people discard them and even perceive them as never do wells or unimportant people.

This proverb is usually used when someone has done all he could to make sure his dreams come to limelight but because people are not aware of his hustle they take him as a loser.

Moral lesson: Don’t  judge people until you have heard their stories.

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